Dynamic Housing in Amsterdam Sloterdijk: An Oasis of Innovation

Sloterdijk, one of Amsterdam's emerging residential areas, is undergoing a tremendous transformation. From an industrial hub to a burgeoning residential district with innovative projects like Floating Gardens and Vertical. Sloterdijk bridges the gap between living and working by being close to the city, yet far enough to avoid the bustle.

Unique Housing Projects: Floating Gardens, Vertical and More

Floating Gardens offers apartments with a beautiful view over the water, while Vertical offers a unique, green living environment. Both projects combine living and working, making them ideal for modern professionals.

Dynamic Housing in Amsterdam Sloterdijk: An Oasis of Innovation

Living and working, integrated into the life of modern professionals. That's the future of housing.

The Perfect Work-Life Balance with SamSam Offices Amsterdam

Another major asset of living in Sloterdijk is the proximity to SamSam Offices Amsterdam. These office spaces provide the perfect work-life balance, with flexible rental contracts and a strong community. SamSam Offices is situated right in the heart of Sloterdijk, close to all the new residential projects, making it ideal for those who want to enjoy the commute home.