FOUR CREATING at SamSam Offices: Growth and Success in Amsterdam

FOUR CREATING, a video production company focused on branded online video content, was founded by Rik van der Kleij and three of his best friends. Five years after having their own cooking show on Youtube, they have grown from collaborating friends to a company with over ten employees. A story where coming together, working together, and growing together are central.

As a young, growing business, they were looking for a representative office space. They chose SamSam Offices Amsterdam Sloterdijk, and now, they rent three offices.

How SamSam Offices supports the growth of FOUR CREATING

SamSam Offices offered FOUR CREATING the ideal mix of professionalism, facilities, and a prime location. With super-fast internet, excellent security, and its great accessibility due to its location near the A10 ring, it is the perfect place for this video production company.

FOUR CREATING at SamSam Offices: Growth and Success in Amsterdam

We are extremely happy here and we are not going anywhere for now. Yes, maybe we'll even rent a fourth office space at SamSam Offices." - Rik van der Kleij, Managing Director at FOUR CREATING.

Why FOUR CREATING chose SamSam Offices

SamSam Offices not only played a crucial role in the growth of FOUR CREATING but also continues to provide constant support. With their perfect facilities, the growth has only increased. Additionally, the presence of other creative companies creates a stimulating environment.

"We have to go out and film every day. From this location, we are right on the A10 ring, so the accessibility is great. For us, and for many other companies, SamSam Offices is the perfect place to grow and succeed," concludes Rik van der Kleij.

The facilities here are perfect. We have super fast internet, the security is great and the accessibility is top notch.

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