Spotlight on Sitedish: the Secret Ingredient behind their Success

In the bustling world of e-commerce, Sitedish has made a name for themselves based on their dedication to simplicity, convenience, and excellent customer service. Sitedish delivers the complete concept for delivery and takeaway restaurants. This complete concept consists of their own ordering website, ordering app, point-of-sale system, Delivery App, and the right marketing tools to make their own ordering environment successful.

As the saying goes, “beauty lies in simplicity”, Sitedish has embraced this philosophy, offering restaurants an easy-to-integrate system that streamlines their processes, boosts efficiency, and ultimately enhances customer satisfaction. The Sitedish trajectory, however, is about more than just cutting-edge software. They've fostered a culture of growth and innovation, and a part of this growth involved a strategic move to SamSam Offices.

Sitedish & SamSam Offices: A match made for Growth & Convenience

A successful business requires more than just a fantastic offering. The right location and workspace can also play a crucial role. Choosing a home base for their operations, Sitedish turned their attention to SamSam Offices, near Amsterdam. These office spaces were attractive not just for their contemporary aesthetic, but also for their prime location and great accessibility.

Spotlight on Sitedish: the Secret Ingredient behind their Success

"SamSam was a natural choice for us. Proximity to Amsterdam, combined with excellent accessibility made it the ideal location for our growing team," Ernstjan Brouwer, CEO, and Founder of Sitedish.

Why Sitedish Chose SamSam Offices: Let's Hear it from the CEO Himself

So, why did Sitedish specifically opt for SamSam Offices? To understand this, it's important to delve into the mindset of the CEO, Ernstjan Brouwer. Having established a customer-centric business, Brouwer wanted a workspace that reflected the same values. The clean, modern design of SamSam Offices offered an environment that supports creativity and collaboration. Moreover, the location was a clincher.

Being on the outskirts of the energetic city of Amsterdam, SamSam Offices offers an ideal balance. Proximity to the city provides accessibility and opportunities, while a slight distance ensures a quieter work-setting. It was this unique combination of utility, convenience, and environment, that led Sitedish to choose SamSam as their office home. It’s clear that making strategic choices, whether that's in business operations or office location, is key to Sitedish's success.

Samsam is outstanding because of its direct location next to Amsterdam and the great facilities contribute to the perfection!